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HVAC Systems

Astra design Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system to suit the requirement of client, end users covering all types of buildings – Office / IT sectors, Data centers, luxury hotels, Hospitals, Malls, cinemas, stadiums,HV / EHV substations, Educational academies, Royal Palaces, Residential, Office high rise Towers, District Cooling Plants, Marine Engineering, Oil and Gas Industries.

Our design solutions are optimum as per client requirement in all aspects such as economical, eco-friendly, Energy efficient, low operating cost and easy to maintain. As we are working on many international projects, we are well versed with international standards and guidelines along with local codes and standards. HVAC system plays a significant role as it maintains permissible indoor temperature, Relative Humidity and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), thus enhancing level of human comfort.


Centralized air conditioning system

  • Water cooled chiller system
  • Air cooled chiller system
  • Variable refrigerant flow system

De-centralized Air conditioning system

  • Direct expansion systems
  • Cooling load calculation with the use of internationally accepted software called HAP
  • Emergency ventilation systems and smoke control systems
  • Codes and Standards like ISHRAE, ASHRAE,AHRI,NBC,CIBSE,NFPA & BSRIA